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Date: August 6th, 2013

Crowley Police have received an abundance of complaints regarding basketball goals being placed in the roadways or on the right of way where kids are playing in the street.

“The complaints that we are receiving have two concerns. The first is for the safety of the children and the drivers of our streets. The second is that there are kids who are refusing to get out of the way when they see a vehicle approaching” stated Chief of Police KP Gibson.

“The roadway is not a playground. We are fighting many concerns in our community one of them being the driving habits / violations that occur in our residential neighborhoods” stated Chief Gibson.

“We are advising parents who have their basketball goals placed on the right of way or edge of the street that they need to be removed from this area. Furthermore, these goals are portable meaning that they can be moved back and forth. By moving these goals to the roadway, it is actually a violation of law” stated Chief Gibson.

The plan is simple. Crowley Police will monitor this concern for the next several days and those who leave their goals in the roadway or on the shoulder of the roadway  will take chance on having them picked up. “We do not want a collection of basketball goals, we would like to have compliance for the safety of our children and drivers of our community” stated Chief Gibson.

Please be concerned about the welfare of your children and remove the basketball goals from the street.