Arrest Log

The arrest log reflects adult arrest made by officers of the Crowley Police Department. All juvenile arrests are considered private records by state law and cannot be posted. This page updates every Monday for the previous week.

Name Date Age City Charge(s) Status
Cody Sonnier 5/15/15 31 Morse Booked
Rachel Felts 5/15/15 38 Maurice Booked
Walter Brown 5/15/15 23 Crowley Booked
Jason Dupuis 5/15/15 24 Crowley Booked
Ivory Wilson 5/14/15 53 Crowley Cited
Kendall Thomas 5/14/15 20 Lafayette Booked
Tristan Flick 5/13/15 19 Crowley Cited
Jose Omata 5/14/15 46 Iota Booked
Travis Sinegal 5/14/15 36 Rayne , Booked
Gevin Varise 5/14/15 29 Baton Rouge Booked