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BB Guns

Date: February 29th, 2016

bb guns

During the last several weeks officers with the Crowley Police Department have removed guns off of juveniles. The guns have been located on the person of these juveniles. These guns which are pictured below are BB guns, but what concerns officers is their appearance seem real even up close.

“We want guns off our streets and our officers are fighting to remove illegal guns from our streets. Our officers have addressed their concern with me that juveniles are carrying BB guns which look like real guns” stated Chief KP Gibson.

“With the dangers that have affected our streets and the rash of shootings targeting law enforcement around our country, we have a concern that people carrying these BB guns could put themselves in a really dangerous place” stated Chief Gibson.

“Imagine a juvenile pulling a BB gun which looks like the ones in the photo below. An officer can easily take this BB gun for a real gun. What happens next could be a life changing experience for two people and their families” stated Chief Gibson.

“We are asking parents to get involved and talk to their children and family members. We need your help, we need to avoid a potential tragic situation and we cannot do this without you. Remove these BB guns from your child’s possession and explain to them the dangers of these guns” stated Chief Gibson.

Law Enforcement Officers are willing to meet with families and children to explain the dangers of carrying these BB guns. Our youth face enough dangers in the world we live in; let’s remove this threat for their safety.