Chief Jimmy Broussard

“Jimmy” Broussard began his administration as Chief of Police for the city of Crowley in July of 2016. Building upon a solid foundation of law enforcement, Chief Broussard’s goals include advancing the department forward in professionalism and technology, so to continue and enhance the services provided to the citizens of Crowley while adapting to the ever-changing trends in law enforcement. Chief Broussard has also made somewhat of history by being the first elected Chief in many years to have worked as an officer of the Crowley Police Department.

Jimmy began his career in 2003 with the Crowley Police Department. Commencing his time with the Crowley Police Department, he worked in the patrol division. After serving 2 years in the Patrol Division, Jimmy was transferred to the Detective Division, and began working as a DARE Officer, Juvenile Services Officer and Investigator. Jimmy was called upon many times for presentations to different bodies regarding law enforcement and safety.  He also served as a member of the Civil Service Board, which was called upon to hear and approve personnel actions regarding police and fire employees, and hear appeals of the same. In addition, Jimmy has served in various religious and civic organizations throughout the City, and continues as a Minister for the First Presbyterian Church of Crowley.

As Chief of Police for the City of Crowley, Jimmy has worked hard with his staff to provide the citizens of Crowley with a professional department focusing on the concerns of the community. The department has focused on numerous improvements including a narcotics unit, technology upgrades, canine units  and much more. Having been through many tough trials in the few short months of his tenure, Jimmy and the department still succeed to forge forward with their heads held high and a level of professionalism that has become synonymous with the name Crowley Police Department.

During his career in law enforcement, Jimmy has received hundreds of hours in training and continues receiving training to this day. He has also implemented numerous training guidelines for the department. In his own words, Jimmy is highly encouraged with the vision of the department that he has: “We are almost like a football team. We have lost some players, and so are in a rebuilding year. But, like any great football team, we are working hard to return to our glory days and offer the people of the great City of Crowley the professional services they deserve.”