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Compliance Check

Date: August 12th, 2013

With school going back into session this week, the Crowley Police Department completed a compliance check for sales of alcohol to persons under the legal age.

“During this compliance check, our officers checked 17 local businesses for sales of alcohol by utilizing a person 16 years of age. The goal of this operation was to make sure that the business was checking identification and hopefully rejecting the sale” stated Chief KP Gibson.

“The person utilized, if requested by a clerk, presented the proper identification which showed him as a 16 year old person. The majority of the stores rejected the sale, which is our goal” stated Chief Gibson.

However, three (3) of the seventeen stores were in violation of the ordinance for selling alcohol to persons under the age of 21. “The clerks for these stores have been cited and will face a court date. These businesses will also be put on watch and additional violations for sales to minors could lead to their license being revoked” stated Chief KP Gibson.

Clerks from the following stores were cited: Korky’s, Valero, South Crowley Truck Stop