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Date: February 4th, 2013

Crowley Police are investigating a scam which was reported during the past weekend.

According to complaints, individuals believed to be in the late teens / early twenties were going door to door soliciting magazine subscriptions. “Several residents felt that they were helping the young men and women who were soliciting. However, several residents made some phone calls to confirm that they were selling ads for what they claimed. These residents discovered that the information was fabricated as the solicitor claimed that they were directed to the residence by a neighbor” stated Chief KP Gibson.

Officers checked several areas of Crowley where complaints were made, but were unable to locate the suspects. “It is our belief that these suspects fled the area after a short period of time as scam artist know that eventually someone will uncover their operations” stated Chief Gibson.

There are several tips provided by Chief Gibson:

  • We have plenty of local organizations seeking help. Donate to one of these to avoid unknown persons scamming you.
  • If you choose to donate, do not give cash. Issue a check which is traceable.
  • Do not make a check out to an individual. All checks should be made out to an organization.
  • Don’t be fooled by identification cards clipped to a person’s shirt. If it is a scam it is probably a false id.
  • Call the police even if you do not give money to the solicitor. You may stop someone else from becoming a victim.

If you choose to make a donation directly to an individual make sure that you know that person or make it directly to the organization to avoid scams.