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Several Residential Burglaries Solved

Date: October 11th, 2013

Aaron Simon

Several residential burglaries which occurred Wednesday afternoon have been solved with the arrest of a neighbor. The incident occurred around 4:00pm in area of South Ave G and Elm St. in Crowley.

Officers were dispatched to the first burglary and began their investigation. A short time later a second neighbor reported a residential burglary in the same area.

As officers were looking for clues to the burglaries, they discovered several pieces of evidence which quickly drew their attention to a neighbor. “The officers on scene discovered evidence which led them to focus on a neighbor. While investigating this neighbor as a potential suspect, property from the burglaries was located at the suspects residence” stated Chief of Police KP Gibson.

“The officers took the steps to identify potential leads. By doing so, officers were able to locate evidence from the crimes and eventually locate majority of the property which was stolen at the neighbor’s residence” stated Chief Gibson.

Officers were also able to track down additional property which the suspect had sold to another individual. This property was recovered and returned to the rightful owner.

Arrested was Aaron Simon, 32, Crowley. He was booked into the Acadia Parish Jail for 2 counts of residential burglary. Simon’s criminal history dates back to the year 2000, with an array of arrests for burglary and narcotics charges.

“I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the men and women of our department. Good police work has led to removing another burglar from our streets” stated Chief Gibson.