Patrol Officers

The members of the patrol shifts serve under the Shift Supervisor as first responders to calls for service within the city of Crowley. All officers work in a uniform capacity and are assigned zones or grids as their duty assignment. Officers are assigned to shifts to designate their scheduled work assignment and supervisor. All officers can be contacted while on duty at (337)783-1234 or by the email address provided below.

Officer David Melancon

Email Officer David Melancon

Officer William Brown

Email Officer William Brown

Cpl. Jeremy Abshire

Email Cpl. Jeremy Abshire

Sgt. Patrick Benoit

Email Sgt. Patrick Benoit

Officer Jacob Landreneaux

Email Officer Jacob Landreneaux

Cpl. Mikael Dartez

Email Cpl. Mikael Dartez

Officer Bronson Drew

Email Officer Bronson Drew