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Vehicle Check Point

Date: April 16th, 2013

On Friday, March 15, 2013, the Crowley Police Department’s Compliance Unit held vehicle checkpoints in several areas within the city of Crowley.

Three locations were utilized for the check point. These locations are identified as Standard Mill at South Eastern Ave., FL Johnson at W. Hutchinson Ave. and North Ave H at East 6th Street. “Our goal of running the check points are to assure that vehicles have required insurance, that all vehicles are safe to operate, and that all inspections, registrations and drivers licenses are up to date” stated Chief KP Gibson.

During the operation, 300 vehicles were checked through the check points.

A total of 13 citations were issued during the 5 hour event. Citations were issued for:

7 No Driver’s License

2 Expired Inspection Stickers

1 Unsafe Vehicle

1 Switched License Plate

1 No Insurance

1 Expired Registration

“This event was successful and our intention is to make the streets of Crowley safe in all aspects, including vehicle safety” stated Chief Gibson.